Cupcake Bath Bomb


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DonÍt eat the cupcakes! These realistic cakes are actually moisture rich bath bombs and the perfect gift for the cupcake lover in your life! Instead of tasting delicious, these cupcakes moisturize your skin, smell delightful, and add a little kick to your bath. Each cupcake weighs approximately 4.5oz and looks to be the size of a real cupcake (loaded with frosting, of course!). If you want to savor the flavor, each bomb can be broken up into to two baths. Or if youÍre in the mood for flavor overload, drop the whole thing in your tub for a memorable bath experience. Berry Bomb blends rich pomegranate and blueberry with nourishing shea butter and jojoba oil. Pink Bliss blends pink grapefruit and jasmine oils for sweet, citrusy floral refreshment. Available in: Pink Bliss or Berry Bomb Created by: Feeling Smitten

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