Growing Succulents


Tuesday, October 4th, 5-7pm.
Instructor: Jessie Laux of Planthropy
Class Fee: $55 (all materials and succulents included)

Get your hands dirty, meet new friends, and immerse yourself into the world of succulents at a Planthropy succulent workshop. We promise that you don’t have to have a green-thumb to participate or keep succulents alive!

In this creative workshop, we provide an overview of these fun little plants, including their growth habits, care instructions and the importance of using the right soil. We will walk you through easy steps with plenty of demonstrations and hands-on help along the way as you create your very own succulent container garden. Select from a variety of beautiful succulents and rock toppings to complete your masterpiece. 

Materials included: Large variety of succulents, Succulent container, Soil, Rocks, Activated charcoal

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