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Meet Your Maker: DooHike Soap

Posted on August 13 2015

This week we're excited to introduce you to doohike Soap, a Clintonville based family soap company! Geoff and Kari take great care in producing an ethically made line of soaps that smell fantastic and feel great on your body. We know you love the soaps too--we can barely keep them in stock! Well you can see and smell their full line this Saturday from 9am-12pm outside Wholly Craft at the Clintonville Farmers Market--be sure to stock up! Here's a little bit more about your neighbors at doohike Soap:

Let’s start with an easy one: What do you make?
At doohike we make all-natural, vegan, palm oil free soap using the time-honored cold-process technique.  
How did you get started making your current line of products? Why did you decide to make it a business?
My wife & I started making our own soap a few years ago to make sure that the product we put on our bodies and our children's bodies everyday was healthy and natural. Around the same time we became aware of the dangers of palm oil harvesting while visiting the Columbus Zoo. Palm plantations contribute to the decimation of orangutan habitats in many parts of the world. When we found out we could easily substitute environmentally friendly ingredients for palm oil we realized our opportunity to make a difference and launched the business.
What do you like to do in your non-crafting time?
I love my real job running summer camps and youth programs for the City of Hilliard. I also love to run on the bike trail and of course spend time with my beautiful wife Kari and amazing children Ellie, Becca and Abram.
What’s your favorite thing about Clintonville? (outside of Wholly Craft of course, haha!)
My favorite thing about Clintonville is the Clintonville Quest! It is an Amazing Race around Clintonville where teams have to solve clues to get to checkpoints and complete challenges. It is August 22 and all proceeds benefit the Clintonville Resource Center. You still have time to register so check it out!
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